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Lubrication Specialist is dedicated to bringing Brevard County the best and fastest in oil and filter changes since 1980. We love building long-lasting relationships with our customers through honesty and attention to detail. When you get your car inspected with us, our skilled technicians will change your oil and filters, top off all fluids, inspect all lights and blinkers, and inspect and fill your tires in RECORD time! Try Lubrication Specialist for a quick, friendly service that you can count on.

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Basic Oil Changes

5W-30 and 5W-20 conventional oil is recommended for most foreign and domestic cars. All of our oil exceeds manufactures specifications and is a synthetic blend. We recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles when using conventional oil. $29.99 *

Standard Oil Change

This oil is specially engineered to prevent the harmful build-up of sludge, reduce oil deposits and provide daily protection for your engine. To get more miles from your engine ask for the right oil, Castrol GTX range. Price $33.99*

High Mileage Oil Changes

High Mileage oil is recommended for cars over 75,000 miles. Our High Mileage oil starts out as a synthetic blend and has additional additives to control oil burn off and lubricants to revitalize engine gaskets and seals which will help to prevent leaks. We recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles when using high mileage oil. $43.99 *

Synthetic Oil Changes

Full Synthetic motor oils are better for your engine and the environment. Synthetic oils bond with your engine metal providing 100% lubrication, even while starting your engine. We offer the full synthetic oil from Castrol Magnatec and AMSOIL. We recommend changing your oil every 6,000 miles when using synthetic oil. Price starting at $63.99 *

Amsoil Oriole Change

Amsoil is a premium synthetic oil, and we believe it is the best oil on the market. We offer the Amsoil XL or Extended Life oil which allows our customers to drive 10,000 miles before needing their oil changed. Amsoil XL is ideal for fleet vehicles, people who commute long distance to work each day or anyone who simply chooses not to come in to have their oil changed every 3,000 miles. $73.99 *

* All prices above include up to 5 quarts of oil and a standard filter. Should your vehicle require more than 5 quarts you will be charged by the quart for each quart over 5. Does not include tax and $1.99 disposal fee. Some vehicles may require a specialty filter and an additional charge will be added.

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